Electrical Engineering Knowledge: What is Elevator Maintenance Method

Core Tip: Answer: Elevator maintenance can be divided into one year maintenance, six months maintenance, monthly maintenance, weekly maintenance. Basic requirements for weekly maintenance of elevators: 1. Elevators are required to be maintained once a week for no less than two hours.

Answer: Elevator maintenance can be divided into one-year maintenance, half-year maintenance, monthly maintenance and weekly maintenance.

Elevator Weekly Maintenance Basic Requirements:

1. Elevator maintenance is required once a week for no less than two hours. Maintenance personnel are required to maintain the elevator at regular intervals.

2. Check all parts below elevator to ensure it

It works normally, cleanly and lubricates.

2.1. Power switch and safety switch.

2.1.1 The main switch and limit switch of the control cabinet are complete and undamaged, and the wiring is firm.

2.1.2. Check the contact of fuse and fuse. The contacts are firm and there should be no fire.

2.1.3. Safety switches, such as emergency stop, safety window, bottom hole and limit, should be in good contact and operate normally and reliably. No spanning.

2.2. Drawing machine: Appearance body should be clean and bright.

2.2.1 Reducer

A. The operation should be smooth without abnormal vibration.

B. The oil level height of the gearbox shall be kept within the prescribed oil level line.

C. The oil temperature of the reducer shall not exceed 85 C.

2.2.2. Motor

A. There should be no friction, collision or other noise in the operation of the motor. If there is any abnormal noise, the ladder should be stopped to check whether there is foreign body intruding into the sliding bearing and whether the bearing is damaged.

B. The oil level of the motor should be near the center of the oil mirror.

C. The ambient temperature of the motor should not be higher than 40 C, and the temperature rise should not be higher than the nameplate stipulation.

D. The displacement of motor bearings is less than 4 mm.

2.3. Brake.

2.3.1. Stable and reliable operation, no slippage, no less than 70% of the contact surface of the brake shoe.

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